Monthly Free Mastermind

New Starting 23rd May I’ll host a Free Monthly Zoom call / Mastermind session. There are no regular reserved spaces and It’s 100% first come, first booked in.

Who’s the session for? There are no entry requirements. You might be thinking about starting out, wondering how to grow, established but looking to break out. All are welcome.

I’m doing it for a few reasons.

1 – I want to find out who’s listening to the show.
2 – I want to find out what your issues and challenges are.
3 – I like meeting people.
4 – No reason – It just feels right 😀.

There’s one catch: There are only 5 spots.
You can only book one date at a time. If there’s demand I might widen it out or find another way to do things.

You can book right now – right here!