Reflection is rarely wasted

I’m in the office at 9pm, reflecting on my interview with Chris Marr yesterday while I wait to speak to Neal Schaffer in 20 minutes. Chris has been in my orbit for years. He lives an hour from me and he’s been something of a business hero of mine- despite being ten years younger than me. There are very few people who have a singular reputation and Chris is one of them. He’s known to be brutally honest, uncompromising in his integrity ( ability to say no ) and has one of the most loyal client bases I’ve ever come across. I knew a lot about Chris from social media and from people we know in common.

The interview didn’t disappoint. I dare you to listen and not feel the need to take a good, long hard look at yourself ( in a good and loving way ). 😐

FOOTNOTE – Neal had to reschedule so I’m going home again.