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Not quite blog posts and not quite notes. Thoughts, ideas, products, events and other things which are too good to not share but don't quite justify a full blow fancy blog post.

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Monthly Free Mastermind

New Starting 23rd May I’ll host a Free Monthly Zoom call / Mastermind session. There are no regular reserved spaces and It’s 100% first come, first booked in.

Who’s the session for? There are no entry requirements. You might be thinking about starting out, wondering how to grow, established but looking to break out. All are welcome.

I’m doing it for a few reasons.

1 – I want to find out who’s listening to the show.
2 – I want to find out what your issues and challenges are.
3 – I like meeting people.
4 – No reason – It just feels right 😀.

There’s one catch: There are only 5 spots.
You can only book one date at a time. If there’s demand I might widen it out or find another way to do things.

You can book right now – right here!

Reflection is rarely wasted

I’m in the office at 9pm, reflecting on my interview with Chris Marr yesterday while I wait to speak to Neal Schaffer in 20 minutes. Chris has been in my orbit for years. He lives an hour from me and he’s been something of a business hero of mine- despite being ten years younger than me. There are very few people who have a singular reputation and Chris is one of them. He’s known to be brutally honest, uncompromising in his integrity ( ability to say no ) and has one of the most loyal client bases I’ve ever come across. I knew a lot about Chris from social media and from people we know in common.

The interview didn’t disappoint. I dare you to listen and not feel the need to take a good, long hard look at yourself ( in a good and loving way ). 😐

FOOTNOTE – Neal had to reschedule so I’m going home again.

Interviews in May – To start with

Hi There. Welcome to the stream. This is my first post. I guess I can update you about some podcast guests coming up. This month I’m interviewing ( drum roll ) Chris Marr, Neal Schaffer, Chris Ducker, Laura Pearman, Nicole Osborne, Tom Martin, Aimee & Caitlin, Brent Weaver, Varvara Lyalyagina, Natalie Haily & Amy Woods. After all this I’ll be taking a week off and doing it all over again.

Do you have a digital marketing hero you’d like to hear from then reach out.