Ep2. How and why to niche in a single vertical market, with Joe Burnich

Joe Burnich operates a web design and SEO marketing firm and specialises in helping service industry business owners with their websites. Burnich used to own a carpet cleaning business. His in-depth marketing experience makes him uniquely qualified to design and optimise websites for the online carpet cleaning industry. 

Some highlights :

  • A single vertical market lets you really know the customer.
  • Master one and then pick another.
  • Got a foothold through SEO and now mainly word of mouth.
  • Lots of very well defined networking pays off.
  • Anybody can do this but few actually do.
  • Fear keeps people from success online.
  • Embrace the small guy.
  • Too much ego in this industry.
  • Choose your partners carefully.
  • Niching lifts you out of local competition.
  • Systems and processes become repeatable.

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