Ep9. Doing Digital Marketing for Financial Services Differently, with Alex Curtis

I this episode I talk to Alex Curtis. Alex is the owner/founder of The Lead Engine a digital lead generation agency that operates in the financial services industry. His team creates lead generation campaigns mainly using pay per click advertising in Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Their sole aim is to reduce the cost his clients pay to acquire new customers.

Having worked in a few agencies since 2002 he jumped into freelancing and consulting in 2014 and started hiring his first-team members in 2017 and they now have a team of 6 full-time in-house employees.

Links and mentions :

Alex runs a community for financial service businesses owners and marketing managers on Facebook where they live stream twice a week with a show called ‘Talking Ads’ and a weekly expert interview.

( Find that group here and ask for an invite ).

Alex on Instagram.

The Lead Engine Website.

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