About Bob

I run Amplify -  a very small agency focused on Oil & Gas digital marketing.  I also host the Gravity digital marketing & Internet business podcast.  Alongside this I offer agency and consultant coaching to help people make more with much, much less.

My competitors are all assholes.

I first wrote this post four years ago and shared it on Linkedin.  I remember it clearly because when I posted the article on my Linekdin timeline the reaction was […]

Why is my digital agency not making money?

Does this sound familiar.  You’re sales pipeline is full, you’re busy doing the work but you never have any money left after all the costs are paid.  It’s a really […]

When you need clients fast.

When you need clients fast it’s normally because something has gone wrong.  You might have just set up on your own and not planned ahead.  Maybe you got fired from […]